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For some reason, everyone thinks that pornographic actresses are limited people, in whose life there is nothing but sex. In fact, most of these women have a healthy body and fairly positive outlooks. The feeling of their dignity is at much greater heights than is commonly believed.

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Porn actresses love sex . This is confirmed by their active participation not only in erotic films, but also in our sex video chat. There is a fairly common cliche that girls enter the porn industry out of extreme need. Porn actresses are all polls - former prostitutes, but victims of sexual violence. However, researchers from the Shippensburg University of Psychology decided to refute this opinion. They tested over 170 actresses for their social, behavioral and psychological preferences. The demographic picture was taken into account - the age of the subjects, their nationality, as well as sexual behavior, quality of life, attitudes towards drugs and self-esteem. It turned out that according to these criteria, the interviewed girls are in no way inferior to other ordinary people.

In their article published in the journal Sex, the researchers said: “We should forget about such patterns about porn actresses as poverty, drug addiction, homelessness, depression and hopelessness. Almost all of these girls lead an ordinary and normal life, content with their chosen profession. And the sense of dignity of porn actresses is no lower than ours. "

So, if you suddenly think about the plight of the actress while watching porn, know that everything in her life is not so bad. She chose her own path in porn chat and is quite happy with it.